Star Citizen

The most popular crowdfunded game in history, Star Citizen looks set to be an absolute gargantuan of space exploration, combat, trading, racing and dogfighting when its various modules all come together in one massive, immersive experience. With Chris Roberts, the man responsible for some of the greatest space sim games ever including Wing Commander and Starlancer at the helm, we’ve got every confidence that the game will be a hit, but with development expected to take several years, it could be while before gamers get the finished product.

The development team behind Star Citizen has a seriously ambitious plan for the game, so much so that it’s difficult to pin down exactly what it will be when it finally arrives. Part space combat dogfighter, part MMO, part epic single player campaign and part expansive open world, Star Citizen should be all things to anyone remotely interested in sci-fi and space games in general.

The plan is to eventually launch a full retail version of the game, which players will only have to buy once in order to play forever. There are no plans for a subscription model, and although there will be in-game micro-transactions, the developer has pledged that everything available to buy can also be earned through gameplay.

Release Date

Given Star Citizen’s modular design and entirely fluid launch schedule, every part of the game is likely to arrive earlier or later than originally anticipated. Based on current estimates, the final, finished game should arrive at the end of 2016, which seems like a long way away right now, but players will have had access to certain modules for several years by that point.

If you’re desperate to get into space, there are plenty of ways to do it without waiting for a full retail release.

It was envisioned as a PC game, and the developer doesn’t have any plans to launch on current or next-gen games consoles, although there is a possibility of Mac and Linux ports in the (distant) future. As Star Citizen is based on CryEngine used to power Crysis 3, you’ll need a fairly powerful system to run it at full graphics settings; an Intel Core i7 2500 with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 should be ideal for playing at 1080p.


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